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Nicholas Fabricatore

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About Nicholas
Nicholas Fabricatore

Many people believe that the real estate industry is a sales based industry, I personally think it's more of a service industry. Sure, there are homes being bought and sold, but the process to buy or sell a home has little to do with salesmanship, and a lot to do with serving the client. I believe that in order to properly be of service to one's client, he must first understand what the client wants. Often times, when marketing themselves, agents will brag about how many sales they've had or how long they've been in the business. Although these statistics can be identifiers for success, they really don't help the client in any way. When a client is asked about their experience with a particular agent, they don't mention how many sales their agent produced that year or how long their agent has been in real estate. Rather, typically they remark on if/how efficiently their goals were accomplished, and how well their agent communicated. This tells me that the goals of most agents don't align with the goals of their clients. I've built my business with competence and communication as the most important aspects because that's what you, the client really wants in an agent. This has resulted in 100% client satisfaction and about 80% of my business coming from referrals! I would love the opportunity to help you achieve your goals!